30 September 2023



 The main agricultural tradition for the population of Momchilgrad is growing tobacco. During 2009 the tobacco-workers declared that they will plant 5790 decares of tobacco and they signed 959 contracts for 830,820 kilos of tobacco. Indeed they have planted decares 4605.5 hectares - so 1184,5 less than requested growers dropped out. As a given crop in 2008, 5334 hectares are planted,1073 are finished. Indeed , 4103.8 decares of tobacco were planted.

In the summer of 2009 parts of the tobacco areas were affected by the Moroccan invasion of locusts and broom-rape, but taken as a whole the tobacco areas were good. In July 2009, the "Plant Protection" section in Kardzhali found that Moroccan locusts have come from their hearth on the land of settlements and they are widely distributed.

Specialists prepared a map of all hearths of locusts in the municipality ,in order to estimate the prevalence of insects in 2010. It is possible in late May or early June next year (2010) to have a mass plague of Moroccan locusts, due to the fact that the eggs of the pest have already been laid. According to the experts only processes such as soil tillage and cultivation can destroy the eggs of Moroccan locusts.


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