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1. Secondary School “Nikola Yonkov Vaptsarov “-Momchilgrad –was founded in 1953 as Secondary School “Mustafa Sulhi” and in 1960 it was renamed as Secondary Vocational School “N.Y.Vaptsarov”. From 1981 to 1993 the school functioned as a unified secondary polytechnical school “N.Y.Vaptsarov”, after which it was renamed as” N.Y.Vaptsarov” Secondary School. Since the last renaming, it has functioned as a primary and secondary school.

Secondary School “N.Y.Vaptsarov”-. Momchilgrad  is a celebrated school with more than a half-century tradition, with an established name and reputation in the Eastern Rhodopes.As the only general education secondary school in this area, for many years it has given education to hundreds of youths. Some of these students have changed the image of Momchilgrad with their skill and work.

Today, “Nikola Y.Vaptsarov” Secondary School - Momchilgradis up to the requirements of the new challenges of a dynamically evolving society. In line with education reforms, the school offers a wide range of diverse educational programs. Good selection of students and highly qualified teaching staff implies very good preparation for graduates and a high percentage of accepted students who move on to success whether in this country or otherwise.

Secondary school “N. Y. Vaptsarov” carries out teaching students from the first to twelfth  grades as follows:

1.     Specialized education with natural mathematic profiles: Biology and Chemistry, Informatics and Information Technology.

2.     Language training classes with English and German profiles, with an entrance examination after seventh grade.

In terms of profiled teaching, different optional school subject are combined to be studied, especially with English. Intensive language training provides written and spoken fluency when studied as a first foreign language, and an adeptlevel of communication when studied as a second foreign language. Learning in classes with language training allows students to be able to cope with the TOEFL and SAT exams in English, which are globally recognized certificates allowing access to American and Western European universities.

Perfect knowledge of foreign languages, combined with computer skills is a prerequisite for excellent future realization in all spheres of modern life.

Director - Myumyun Yusuf Telephone: 03631/21-19, 22-54

Parochial Secondary School, Momchilgrad

The Momchilgrad religious (Muslim) training school started with 30 students in 1991 with the status of the 3-year vocational secondary school. In 1993, with the decision of the Ministry of Education, the training wasincreased to a 4-year program. The school has the right to train students graduated from 8th grade, according to the Bulgarian Education  Actof 1992. Also, Order RD-14-72 allows the school to conduct training in accordance with rules statutory in the Act. Like all secondary schools-Momchilgrad Parochial Secondary School has the right to issue an official high school diploma in accordance with decision № 83 of 13.10.1992 issued by the Minister of Education, N. Vassilev,and published in an official gazetteinorder to initiate the educational activity.

Momchilgrad Parochial Secondary School is funded by sponsors. During the years 1992 to 1995 the Dianet Vakfa / Dianet Foundationsponsored the school.From 1995 to 1998, sponsorship was assumed by the Balkan Foundation - Sofia. From September 1998 in agreement between the Republic of Bulgaria and Turkey, sponsorship was transferred again to the Dianet Foundation. The Foundation Dianet and the Bulgarian Office in a Mufti both signed a Protocol which establishes their financial and overall cooperation.

Duringthe 2000/2001 school year in the village Rogozche, located in the  municipality of Dzhebel,an all-girlsParochial Secondary School opened. During the 2006/2007 school year it was moved to Momchilgrad and students began training with gender-mixed classes.

To date,theMomchilgrad Parochial Secondary School has graduated 350 students. They have every right to apply in all Universities. Among the graduates of Momchilgrad Parochial Secondary School there are students who have completed higher education and are established in different areas inside and outside the country.

There are students who occupy positions in the central mosque in Kardzhali, Benkovski Chorbadzhiysko, Haskovo, Momchilgrad, andDzhebelin addition to areas such as office Kardzhali and Smolyan District. Mufti is implemented by the alumni of the school .

In the 2006/2007 in Parochial Secondary School Momchilgrad, training is conducted in  sevenclasses. The total number of students is 147, of which 53 are girls and 94 are boys. Momchilgrad Parochial Secondary School provides free boarding and free breakfast, lunch and dinner. The total number of staff is 25 people; 15 are teachers and 10 are support staff.

Director - Sami Syuleyman


03631/61-94, phone / fax; 03631/60-55


Vocational Secondary School of Food processing and Tourism “Saints Cyril and Methodius” -Momchilgrad


This vocational schoolwas opened by the Minister of Education in June 1992. The school has highly-qualified teachers in compulsory education and vocational training. Training is carried out in two buildings. There are equipped rooms for the teaching of microbiology, biochemistry and technical drawing, and there are workshops on the technology of bread and pastry, cooking and serving.Alumni of theVocational Secondary School of Food Processing and Tourism “Saints Kiril and Metodiy” take hold of  achievements in the field of information technology in two computer rooms. In high school, students are trained in specialties: Technology of Tobacco and Tobacco Products, Equipment and Technology ofMilk and Milk Products; Operator in the Production of Bread and Pastry; Cook.

The specialties in which training takes place in Saints Cyril and Methodius” are:

Organization of the Hotel;

Production of Culinary Arts and Beverages.

In response to the needs of tourism in the Kardzhali region and the labor market, according to the development strategy of the municipality of Momchilgrad through 2013, in which the Tourism sector is a priority,the 2007/2008 school year starts a new training program, not only for municipalities, but in the specialty area Organization of Tourism and Leisure.

Pupils show qualities and skills acquired through participation in the organization and operation of various ceremonies, cocktails and culinary competitions.

During April 2006 the "Preserve the Bulgarian" club was founded; this club’s activities relateto detecting and protecting soldiers' monuments and the preservation of cultural-historical and natural wealth in the region.

Alumni of the Vocational Secondary School of Food Processing and Tourism “Saints Kiril and Metodiy”are proud of theirhigh performance in training coupled with enviable achievements in sport. Established teams include football, table tennis, volleyball, handball, basketball, badminton. Athletics and chess teams successfully participate in municipal, regional and national championships. Former national players in girls’ table tennis Dilyana Marcheva and Alexandra Petrova are the pride of the school.

The Vocational Secondary School of Food Processing successfully took part in various competitions at the district and national levels. Projects have earned recognition in programs of the European Union - PHARE, Comenius, Leonardo da Vinci. Such projects have repeatedly been performed in high schools and courses for unemployed people, funded under the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.

Training in Vocational Secondary School of Food Processing allows for work in catering and entertainment, for selling in the tourism sector in the production of culinary products, and private businesses, and application to all types of colleges and universities.

Director - Sashka Trapkova


6800 Momchilgrad

Stefan Karadja "№ 1

Tel: 03631 / 30 59, 23 37

tel / fax: 03631 / 31 58

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Vocational Secondary School of Machine Building and Light Indusrty ”Vasil Levski” Momchilgrad


This school’s historyleads back to1959, whenthe city founded the first vocational high school registration as "Machine tractor-operated school. Its task was to prepare machine operators for agricultural workers in the region. For the first schoolyear, 1959-1960, students accepted the specialty "tractor-driver and combine-operator”; later, early learning and furniture workshops in locksmith skills and tractor repairs were created.

In 1963new fields emergedLocksmith - fitter "," Electro-gas welder” and “Electro-fitter”. The school operatedas a machine-tractor vocational schooluntil 1973, when the rennovated Technical School of MechaneBuilding "C. M. Kirovoffered majors with corresponding profiles of the developing machine-building industry in the city, "turned-miller", "Locksmith-mechanic", "Welder",  and "Smith-press operator”. It was established and equipped with new workshops and offices. The school works closely with the city-founded machine factories "Granichar" and "Varbitsa" as part of an internship program for students.

In 1985 the school revealed a new specialty in sewing production operator, which was determined by the development of light industry in the city and the need for specialists in this direction. By 1994 education and training in the school received a total of approximately 3000 students in various professional fields. Besides these professional qualifications obtained there were also about 600 students from secondary general schools in the region.

The school was renamed in the Technical School of Machine Building and Light Industry "V. Levski in 1994, when they updated curricula and programs in various professional fields. Since 2003 the school has already named the Vocational School of Machine Building and Light Industry "V. Levski.

In the 2007/ 2008 year, 130 students study "Teaching of Engineering - cold treatment", "Technology of Clothing and Design, andmodeling and technology of textile clothing.


Director - Miglena Petrova




PS Dr. Petar Beron – Momchilgrad

A school with 80 years of history

During the years 1927-28the first Bulgarian school opened in Momchilgrad. It trained 10 students. In 1976 the primary school was divided into school "Dr. P. Beron. That same year the new building opened, and the school continues to operate there today. Today there are 430 students from grades 1 to 8 in the training school; students are distributed amongst 22 classes. The staff numbers 54 employees, including 39 teachers.

The mission of the school is: Forming a people of high intellectual training and culture with a strong civic consciousness and behavior, capable of effective public use.

School Vision: Approval of the school "Dr. P. Beron" as a competitive school, able to shape the pupils' national and universal virtues.

PS "Dr. P. Beron" - Momchilgrad partnered with over the years;

Foundation CRS " - Program "Parent involvement in education" - 1998;

Foundation MICHP - Project. Let's explore the other holiday and have fun together - 2002;

Foundation CARE -- Bulgaria - Project "No to violence" - 2006;

Partners - Bulgaria - 2006 - 2 projects:

·         Center for children in need of special protection;

·         "To reach out to the talent.

Director - Mehmet Nejat


03631/20-17, 31-72

Community Centers


of centers that operate in the Municipality Momchilgrad

1.     NS New Life, Momchilgrad - Chairman of library trustees is Mr Kamber Kamber;

2.     National Community CenterAleko Konstantinov, village of Zvezdel- Chairman of library trustees is Mr Yusein Pashala;

3.     National Community Center 'N. Vaptzarov, village of Nanovitsa - Chairman of library trustees is Mr Medzhnun Yetim;

4.     National Community Center Hristo Smirnenski, village of Raven - Chairman of library trustees is Mr Raif Sheva;

5.     National Community Center "Unity", village of Gruevo - Chairman of library trustees is Mr Akif Yusein



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