22 September 2023

Opportunities and conditions for tourism


 Environmental conditions
The municipality of Momchilgrad spreads across a relatively small part of the Eastern Rhodope Mountains and covers approximately 360 square km. with varied and interesting terrain. Amongst the settlements are 49 towns and 48 villages having 29 mayoral houses. The residents of the municipality, according to permanent and current addresses, range from 18,000 to 36,000 and thus create
a constant and unique tourist flow.

Momchilgrad Municipality has a high natural potential and rich cultural history that are prerequisites for the development of tourism and related economic activities. The presence of natural phenomena and landmarks, the combination of different relief forms with favorable climatic conditions,varied vegetation and animals encountered are excellent conditions for the development of recreation and tourism. The area is accessible and has good conditions for nearly all forms of alternative tourism. Numerous kinds of herbs and rare protected plant species number amongst the unappreciated natural resources. Mild climate, clean air, sunny days, small daily and annual temperature amplitude are from now on being assessed by Bulgarians and foreign tourists. The town has already created the preconditions, and has recently added to them a special impetus and private initiatives directed to this area.The geographical location of Momchilgrad makes a natural crossing point for the region, receiving guidance and passenger-flow to Kardzhali (14 km) Kirkovo (36 km), Krumovgrad (30 km) and Djebel (17 km).Already during 1932 the old Mastanli Rail station is an important station on the line separating the country into two and unifying northern and southern Bulgaria through the railway line Rousse - Momchilgrad. Bus and road transport are highly developed, with direct lines to both the big cities in the country and to countries such as Turkey, Holland and Germany. The opening of the Makaza road will enhance travels and visits by tourists from Greece. These are additional prerequisites as to why Momchilgrad makes a convenient starting point for organizing tourist visits to cultural and historical monuments, hiking, picnics and trips to the natural attractions in the region.
The municipality has a bed fund existing and newly constructed hotels and stations and is ready to meet the growing tourist flow.


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